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The Regional Youth Cabinet, along with Regional Staff are creating experiments in spiritual formation for young disciples in partnership with Tall Oaks Camp and Conference Center.


For summer 2024 we are using ‘Linked by Love’ a curriculum created by InsideOut. All of our camps will be based on this curriculum and adjusted to fit the age and ability of our campers. Please join us by registering here.


“We know that love comes from God, and sometimes we experience it directly. More often, God’s love in manifests in relationships of all kinds that weave in and out of our lives. We see God’s love in close friends and family – those we are born into and those we choose along the way. We see God in quiet moments where we are present with each other and in acts of profound grace when we have been far apart. We hear God in life-guiding and life-changing words of truth from those who know and love us. We know that such love links our lives, teaching us about commitment, intimacy, grace, and faith. As we seek to create and strengthen life-giving relationships, we remember that such love flows from God, links us all together, and we give thanks.

ALL of our camps are made to be accessible to all campers. If finances are any barrier please fill out the application form below OR follow this link to download the PDF version. If you have any questions please contact our Camp and Conference Coordiantor Kylie Graham at or (913) 669-4782.

Camp Registration

Day Camp 1

(K-3rd grade)

June 15


(4th and 5th grade)

June 24-27


(High school)

June 18-23

Grandparents 2

(Grandparents & young grandchildren) July 12-14

Day Camp 2

(K-3rd grade)

June 26

Chi Rho

(6th and 7th grade)

July 14-18



May 30-June 2


(Campers of ALL ages)

June 28-30


(2nd and 3rd grade)

July 8-10


(8th graders only)

July 6-12

Grandparents 1

(Grandparents & young grandchildren) June 7-9

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