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Becoming Beloved Community

The Becoming Beloved Community Team of the Christian Church (DOC) in Greater Kansas City started as the Region's pro-reconciling and anti-racism team in the spring of 2019. Recognizing that the church has been a part of starting and sustaining racism over the years, and recognizing that Jesus calls us to work for justice and equity, we seek to empower Greater KC Disciples to be a part of the movement for wholeness through education, relationship-building, and actions leveraging change.

Our Team is volunteer-led and operated. We consist of 10-15 pastors and lay people from around the Greater KC Region.

Get Involved

If you as an individual, organization, or congregation want to participate on the BBC Teams and/or partner with us on any events or actions that leverage racial justice, please contact Rev. Mindy Fugarino using this form.

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We network with local congregations, local community organizers, other Regions & the General Church. Since 2019, we have:


Financially supported Community Organizing organizations like MORE2, NAACP, and local celebrations of the Civil Rights movement


Juneteenth 2020 virtual event raising awareness of KC racism, history of Juneteenth, and history of the struggle against racism


Virtual daily Holy Week justice-centered devotions


Sent letter to Board of Police Commissioners in KC to request that Chief Smith no longer be allowed to be Chief of KCPD.


Created and led a workshop on becoming trauma-informed, especially with sensitivity to the traumas caused by racism


Virtual daily Advent justice-centered devotions


Wrote grants to empower translation of the Anti-Racism Pro-Reconciliation training into Spanish


Led the inaugural KC Racial Justice Summit in 2023, incorporating community organizers addressing racial justice in KC, building their bases, empowering congregations and local residents with the theological reasons, resource, know-how, and motivation to get involved in the work.


Led 3 follow-up groups to go deeper in creating tangible actions based on what was learned at the workshop about racism and trauma


Virtual weekly Lenten justice-centered prayer times, along with education on fasting


Sent 4 people to Gamaliel Community Organizing training


Provided multiple virtual book studies and small groups for our congregations (and even some from across the country) to grow in understanding of racism’s historical and ongoing impacts as well as self-awareness of growth needed in order to be part of the healing.

We are Becoming

While we expect to continue Advent and Lenten Justice-focused virtual devotions, to send local Disciples to various racial-justice leadership trainings, to financially invest in local community organizations leveraging change, to provide small group educational/relational/growth experiences, and to partner with local congregations on the racial justice initiatives they pursue, we believe that the Racial Justice Summit is a unique opportunity to integrate all of our educational, relational, and change-leveraging goals into one event.

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