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Asamblea Bienal de la Obra Hispana

Save the Date: Jun 20 – 22, 2024

Spanish - La Obra Hispana bajo el tema "Generaciones: Discipular. Servir. Celebrar." que se llevará a cabo del 20 al 22 de Junio 2024 en el Hilton Kansas City Airport en Kansas City, Missouri. Esta asamblea promete tener un programa para todas las edades para ser una iglesia que aprende, convive y adora hoy y en cada generación.

English- The Obra Hispana Assembly will be held under the theme "Generations: Disciple. Serve. Celebrate." from June 20th - 22nd, 2024 at the Hilton Kansas City Airport in Kansas City, Missouri. This assembly will have a full program for all ages empowering us to be a Church that learns, builds community and worships together today and in all generations to come.

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Note From our Regional Minister: Hosting the Asamblea in our Region and making sure that we have a full bus going to the National Convocation are just two ways we practice what we preach about being a church for all people. Please click on the buttton below to learn ways that you and your congregation can practice Christ-like hospitality for these special events.

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