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We are re-imagining church

in a pandemic informed world.

We have been prepared to serve and lead for such a challenging time as this. We are equipped to serve in a liminal space between the familiar and the uncertain. By adapting how we serve and lead now we can welcome into the faith many who are new to the Christian Church. Remote experiences in worship and education have become integral to the way we do ministry today. Our Regional Leaders are committed to exercising the principles of Adaptive Leadership and Grassroots Community Organizing to move ministry forward.

We are moving toward wholeness

We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one Body of Christ, we welcome all to the Communion Table as God has welcomed us.  – Disciples of Christ Identity Statement

Our Leadership Team

Regional Board

A group of clergy and lay volunteers who, in a time of great change and uncertainty, are stepping up and guiding the mission and ministries of our region. We exist in a unique position straddling the line between what is known and what is yet to come. In 2024 we will be overseeing a discernment process to reimagine regional ministry in Greater Kansas City.

Regional Staff

As the world around us transforms, we are adapting our methods to serve the Disciples of Greater Kansas City. This called, equipped, passionate group of individuals facilitates a variety of programs, operations, and projects that support Disciples of all ages. 

Bill 2024.jpg

Rev. Bill Rose-Heim

Regional Minister

& President


Rev. Amy Shoemaker

Transitional Regional Director for Ministry Innovation


Jessica Lopez

Office Manager


Kylie Graham

Camp & Conference Coordinator


Paula Diehl


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